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Wooden Boards

A collection of handmade cutting/cheese boards from FSC®-certified wood sourced on Bainbridge Island and in Port Townsend.


Furniture is made from FSC®-certified from Port townsend or wood felled on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Greenland Paddles

Hand-carved out of FSC®-certified Alaskan yellow cedar from Port Townsend.


Board care and feeding

My boards are handmade on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The wood is FSC®-certified and sourced in Port Townsend at Edensaw Woods, which specializes in supplying specialty wood to the local Port Townsend and Olympic Peninsula boat building community.

Use your handmade cutting board to chop away – just like you would any board; no need to baby it. Cheese boards are made from softer wood and not designed for everyday cutting. You can always leave one side uncut for a smooth-finish cheese/charcuterie board.


Your board is guaranteed to last a lifetime through normal usage. Don’t soak or leave your board in standing water, and don’t put in dishwasher. Using soap and water is fine, just wipe down and air dry.


There are a number of great products that will revive the beeswax/oil finish. I like Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner and Walrus Cutting Board Oil. Or you can make your own by mixing one part melted beeswax with three parts mineral oil (which you can use on your furniture as well). Some people just use mineral oil to care for their boards. It’s less expensive and works great, but I prefer having a little bit of beeswax in the finish.


To care for your board, occasionally apply oil/beeswax to clean and moisturize it. This will keep it from drying out and help make any knife-cut lines disappear.

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