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Photo of woman in green shirt.



I'm an artist based on Bainbridge Island and work in several mediums. All of my work is inspired by nature—from oil painting to jewelry making to woodworking to photography.


Oil Paintings

I’m drawn to big landscapes and the interplay that happens on the horizon line. Clouds, especially, convey the complex, everchanging landscape of my own emotions. They shroud and reveal, reminding me that nothing ever stays the same.

Painting helps me unleash uncertainty, never knowing if I’ll be able to capture the mix of feelings that reveal themselves when I pair my emotions with my brush strokes. Sometimes when I look at my finished paintings, I feel steadied, knowing I braved another uncertain future.


Working with metal is another expression of curiosity and artistic expression. I look for patterns in nature and try to imagine how I can recreate my sense of awe and express my obsession with patterns.



I love finding wood from Bainbridge Island, taking it to our local makerspace, BARN, and turning it into something useful and beautiful. I'm currently making wooden boards, hand-carved Greenland paddles and custom furniture.

I've been a professional photography for many year, having been published in the book Unexpected, A Retrospective of Patagonia's Outdoor Photography, 2009, several Patagonia catalogs, and Outside magazine. And I've donated scores of photos to nonprofits working to conserve and protect land and communities. I love hanging out with people that also love being outside, so most of my photos are from these experiences.

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